Anatoly Safonov - bandoneon,

Jacob Chetverukhin - violin,

Anton Semenovsky - cello,

Maria Razmahnina - piano,

Yuri Gorelov - contrabass.

Tango Orchestra Misterioso is a talented Russian band, formed in 2007.

It plays classical, modern tangos and also the tangos of Soviet-Russia period. The Orchestra’s repertory consists of tangos of such composers as

A.Piazzolla, O.Pugliese, C.Gardel, A.Troillo, P.Laurenz, E.Rovira, M.Mores, M.Rodriguez, J.D Arienzo, F.Canaro, A.Bardi, E.Donato, M.Joves, J.Plaza, R.Melo, E.Aloras and others.

The group performs at different stages from clubs and restaurants to theatres and leading concert halls. Since 2009 the Orchestra uses bandoneon, rare in Russia, an instrument considered “a heart” of Argentinean tango.

The band’s line-up also includes piano, violin, cello and contrabass.

Tango Orchestra Misterioso cooperates with Moscow and St. Petersburg professional tango dancers and teachers.

2009 – the official orchestra at Russian Cinema Festival in Berlin.

2010 – the official orchestra at Argentine tango festival «El Tango del Plata» in Moscow.

2012 – the official orchestra at Argentine tango festival “Nevskaya milonga” in St. Petersburg.

In December 2013 together with the company "Art Maind" with support of the Embassy of Argentina in Russia there were presented unique tango show "Tiempo del Tango".

In 2013, the orchestra released their first CD "Alma del Tango" which presented the best songs tango from its classical and modern incarnations!

In 2014, a concert on the big stage cult club B-2 in the Grand tango orchestra (Tango Tpica)

In April 2015, within the walls of the Anglican Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul, the premiere tango modern composer N.Kiss for organ and orchestra Misterioso.

Tango Orchestra Misterioso shared one scene with Argentine tango world stars like O. Caceres y V. Barboza, O. Farias y S. Fuentes, J. Cervila y N. Royo, F. Ghi y G. Merlo, P.M. Pey y A. Gutty, J. Vazquez y A. Yarigo. S. Surgit y J. Stserbakova, J. M. Rosales y L. Rosales.

Musicians of Tango Orchestra Misterioso graduated Russian State Academy of Music named by Gnesins, Moscow State Concervatory named by Chayrovskiy and other leading higer musical institutions of Russia. 

The Orchestra’s main aim is that the people, as many as possible, could touch a marvelous world of Tango!